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 9th Annual October-Fest “Dash For The Cash”
Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Dates:  October 9-10-11 – 2021  (Sat, Sun, Mon)     
Max. 50 Teams
First Come First Serve Registrations!
All Teams Welcome…

Entry Fee $625.00  –  Deposit $300.00
Cash & Prizes – Guaranteed $12,000.00

Guarantee based on # of teams entered (50)

Official Entry Deadline Date  –  September 1st

  • No Games on Friday – Oct 8th!
  • Most local teams can expect earlier draw times!

♦ Small Ball-Big Ball   ♦ Format 7-3   ♦ E.P. 10 or 12 Batters
♦ 5 Games Guaranteed (+)
♦ SPN Carded Umpires w Strike Mats

Round Robin / Playoffs – Seeds & Divisions are determined from round robin results, you play for your fate!


Register Online – Just fill out and complete the online Team Registration Form (click big red button)
Tournament Entry Deposit $300.00 / Non Refundable!
Deposit guarantees your team a spot! Entry Balance $325.00 to be paid in cash when you check in at the tournament kiosk, before your 1st RR game… no exceptions!

2- DEPOSIT DEADLINE DATE  –  September 1st
First 50 teams to register!
Registered Teams – Entry Deposit is to guarantee & hold your spot!
Please see deposit note below!

3- TEAM ROSTER FORM / waiver

PDF Roster Form is Savable, you can save a working copy to your computer/phone.
Please print 2 copies and bring with to October-Fest!
Team Copy & Tournament Copy (tournament is going paperless)

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