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 9th Annual October-Fest “Dash For The Cash”
Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Dates:  October 9-10-11 – 2021  (Sat, Sun, Mon)    |    Registered Teams 
Max. 50 Teams
First Come First Serve Registrations!
All Teams Welcome…

Entry Fee $625.00  –  Deposit $300.00
Cash & Prizes – Guaranteed $12,000.00

Guarantee based on # of teams entered (50)

Official Entry Deadline Date  –  September 1st

  • No Games on Friday Oct 8th!
  • Most local teams can expect early draw times!

♦ Small Ball-Big Ball   ♦ Format 7-3   ♦ E.P. 10 or 12 Batters
♦ 5 Games Guaranteed (+)
♦ SPN Carded Umpires w Strike Mats
♦ No Bunting or Stealing
♦ Concessions / Beer Gardens / DJ Music / Bat Raffle
♦ Pro Shop on site
♦ ATM & RV Parking on Site 

PLAYOFFS – Seeds & Divisions are determined from round robin results, you play for your fate!
RULES:  Click Here


Register Online – Just fill out and complete the online Team Registration Form (click big red button)
Tournament Entry Deposit $300.00 / Non Refundable!
Deposit guarantees your team a spot! Entry Balance $325.00 to be paid in cash when you check in at the tournament kiosk, before your 1st RR game… no exceptions!

2- DEPOSIT DEADLINE DATE  –  September 1st
First 50 teams to register!
Registered Teams – Entry Deposit is to guarantee & hold your spot!
Please see deposit note below!

Deposit Note:
To All Registered Teams & Waiting List Teams!
Teams with deposits not paid by the Deadline Date listed above or have not contacted me to make any arrangements, will be replaced by the next team in line from the waiting list! No exceptions or favoritism! this is in strict fairness to all teams on the waiting list, that have their deposits ready to go, and want a spot!  PS: It’s up to all teams to be responsible and get your deposits in on time…             

3- TEAM ROSTER FORM / waiver

PDF Roster Form is Savable, you can save a working copy to your computer/phone.
Please print 2 copies and bring with to October-Fest!
Team Copy & Tournament Copy

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