Tournament Deposit Info

Easter Madness Icebreaker  –  October-Fest “Dash For The Cash”

>  Deposit $300.00     /     Tournament Entry Fee $625.00

Payment Methods & Instructions:

  • Email Transfers

>  Email Address:

>  Security Question:  What city is tournament in ?

>  Answer:  kamloops (all in lower case)

>  Senders Message:  Your Team Name

  • Cash Deposits

>  Local Teams Only  (Kamloops Teams)
>  Contact Tournament Organizer to make arrangements!

Tournament Entry Balance:  Disregard if full entry has been paid upfront!
Entry Balance is to be paid in Cash ($325.00 bal) before your first Round Robin Game, when you pick up your teams tournament package & check in at the tournament trailer.
If you forget or do not pay before your first RR game, our umpires are instructed to not let you play until your team has paid the entry in full. Coaches don’t make this mistake as it will cost your team game time…come prepared and show up early enough!

Tournament Deposit is Non Refundable!
Any Deposit Refund depending on the circumstances, will be at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer, with no guarantees of a refund!


Policy Copy Date:  Revised January 2021

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