Deposit Instructions

2023  Easter Madness Icebreaker  –  October-Fest “Dash For The Cash”

>  Deposit $325.00     /     Tournament Entry Fee $650.00

Payment Methods & Instructions:

  • Email Transfers

>  Email Address:  [email protected]

>  Security Question:  What city is tournament in ?

>  Answer:  kamloops (all in lower case)

>  Senders Message:  Your Team Name

  • Cash Deposits

Kamloops Teams Only
Contact Tournament Organizer to make arrangements!

Tournament Deposit is Non Refundable!
Make sure you have a full team and you’re committed, before paying the tournament deposit!

Deposit Note:
To All Registered Teams & Waiting List Teams!
Teams that have not paid the deposit by the Deadline Date or have not contacted me to make any special arrangements, will be dropped down to the waiting list and replaced by the next team in line from the waiting list!  No exceptions or favoritism! This is in strict fairness to all teams on the waiting list, that have their deposits ready to go, and wanting a spot!  PS: It’s up to all teams to be responsible and get your deposits in on time. Notifications will be sent by email so check your inbox!


Policy Copy Date:  Revised January 2023

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