Player Pbatteruprofiles – How Our Service Works?

♦ All Profiles are uploaded to the Profiles Listings Page.
♦ Player Registration forms are sent in via our sign up page.
♦ Profiles are accepted during the softball season only.
♦ All profiles will be deleted at the end of each softball season.
♦ Profile Categories: Male, Female, Couple, Team
♦ Skill Levels: Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational, Novice
♦ Spares are considered PT and are not fully committed players.

Although we try our best to serve all our profiles, we cannot guarantee all players will get picked up using this service! Suggestions try using other services, social media etc…

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Select from the following player profiles list below.
If a team picks you up, please notify us by email, so that we can keep our list current!
Profiles are listed from oldest to newest as you scroll down. ⇓

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